Sleep Victim to Sleep Coach?

My sleep journey has been fraught with insomnia, night terrors, anxiety, obsessive thinking, doctors, therapists, sleep studies, medication and more supplements and gadgets than I’d care to recount. Would you like to hazard a guess at the ONE thing that has made the biggest difference in my relationship with sleep?


Seriously? That’s hard to believe…

I know! And 3 years ago, if you would have told me that not only had I made huge strides in healing MY relationship with sleep, but I would also become a certified life coach helping OTHER people heal THEIR relationships with sleep, I would have said you were dreaming.

How on earth could I be qualified to coach others when MY life has been so less-than-perfect? Turns out my less-than-perfect life WAS the perfect springboard to a career of helping others heal, grow and flourish!

Everything I was ashamed of – every challenge, setback, and disappointment, everything I viewed as a failure was absolutely perfect for me. They made me who I am today and that is one strong, smart, kickass woman. And what makes me an amazing coach is I LOVE to learn and when I have those AHA moments, my first instinct is to share that with others.

So here I am. A life coach. A life coach on a journey to heal my relationship with sleep. And help my clients do the same.

Mini Bio

Betsy is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and a Level II Certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America.  She’s a passionate lifelong learner, dedicated to becoming the next best version of herself, and helping her clients do the same since 2016.  Her life’s motto is “relentless forward progress” and when she’s worked on a topic personally, you can be sure she’ll be offering coaching on it in the near future.  She’s known for speaking her mind and for being a good listener.  She’s both inspiring and relatable.  She has the expertise to be a credible teacher/coach and the understanding of someone who’s “been there”.  She never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like and laughs way    too hard making corny social media videos of her dogs.  She calls Lakeland, Florida home and is a proud wife to Danny, mom to Zach and Alannah, and doting grandma to Clara Jane.