Hi, I’m a life coach!

These are words I never dreamed I’d say in a million years. How on earth am I qualified to coach others when MY life has been so less-than-perfect? Turns out my less-than-perfect life WAS the perfect springboard to a career of helping others heal, grow and flourish.

Everything I was ashamed of – every challenge, setback, and disappointment, everything I viewed as a failure was absolutely perfect for me. They made me who I am today and that is one strong, smart, kickass woman. And dare I say it – a LIFE COACH!

My certification through The Life Coach School has been life changing for me professionally, but more importantly, personally. My growth has been exponential, and I can’t wait to guide others (like you!) through the same process. And that’s what makes me an amazing coach. I LOVE to learn and when I have those AHA moments, my first instinct is to share that with others.